At My Office Worx we know that running a small business can be challenging, especially if you haven’t the time or knowledge to do it all yourself.

Things like content writing, media liaison and web copy are a fine art, which need the input of someone with industry knowledge and a way with words. You also might not have the financial resources to employ someone, which brings with it a host of regulatory requirements – Employment agreements, PAYE, UIF etc.

Let us help you. My Office Worx offers a range of services, all of which are charged at hourly rates giving you better control over your finances and peace of mind in knowing the job is getting done right.

Copywriting and proofreading
Copywriters are trained to learn as much as they can about various industries to make sure they write quality content that is engaging, and whilst not everyone is a “grammar- nazi” there are some people who live for it. Let the professionals help you.
Press releases
Are you looking to generate exposure for your business but your messages don't seem to be getting through? A professionally written press release should provide just the right amount of information in the correct format to pique interest.
Internal Communications
Keeping your staff in the loop and excited about your products and services is beneficial to your brand and company culture. Don’t let your company become a revolving door… we can help you craft your communications with staff.
Media Communications
Once you have a succinct and interesting message the hard part is getting it out to the right people. Let us help you do just that with the media contacts we have in various industries.
Media monitoring
There are ways and means of monitoring where your business is featured and what people are saying about it. We can help set this up.
Crisis management
There should never be a time when your company is at panic stations. Let us help prepare you in advance for any eventuality.
Media event management
Organising an event for media and not sure where to start? We can help, from conceptualisation to implementation as well as on the day management.
Media training
Have you had a couple of media requests for interviews and the like but your nerves seem to get the better of you? Let us assist with the ins and outs of media liaison, preparing you for Q&A's and interviews.
Speech writing
Do you struggle with finding the right words? We have experienced speech writers who can write your speech in your tone of voice with just a little bit of input from you.