sales support

At My Office Worx we know that running a small business can be challenging, especially if you haven’t the time or knowledge to do it all yourself.

For many small business owners this often means acting as both a business owner and a sales consultant long before any hires have been made into this department. However, as your business continues to grow, it becomes critical to invest time and resources into your expanding sales team.

This requires the services of someone with industry knowledge and a history of sales successes, but it may not be possible to hire a permanent employee in such a senior role. This is where we can help.

My Office Worx offers a range of sales support services, all of which are charged at hourly rates giving you better control over your finances and peace of mind in knowing the job is getting done right.

How do we support

  • Plan, implement and manage sales educational workshops.
  • Identify bottlenecks in the sales process.
  • Set up and monitor sales processes.
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses to identify sales needs.
  • Oversee sales training and suggest improvements.
  • Provide high-level support to the sales teams and customers during the sales process.
  • Develop incentive strategies to support and motivate sales staff.
  • Facilitate profile and personality tests to correctly engage with potential hires into the department.
  • Edit or adapt sales and marketing collateral as required.

Sales training
All sales teams require proper guidance and training in order to deliver the best results. Our sales gurus can offer workshops, seminars and team building events centred around sales training; ensuring that your team has the best support system to deliver continued sales success.
Sales strategy and planning
It is important to document your sales goals and set objectives and forecasts for the months ahead. We simplify this for you by developing a tailor-made sales strategy to suit your business.
Sales collateral
Give your team the best tools possible with collateral that serves the sales process and resources that help “seal the deal”.
Sales optimisation
Have you experienced a drop in sales? Are you concerned that your sales team is no longer reaching or exceeding their targets? Many times this is attributed to a sales bottleneck or ineffective internal processes that may be slowing your business down. We can help you identify and troubleshoot these problems; providing solutions that really work for your business.