graphic design

At My Office Worx we know that running a small business can be challenging, especially if you haven’t the time or knowledge to do it all yourself.

A brand that is consistent and clear puts the customer at ease because they know exactly what to expect every time they call on you. Design work is tricky – it demands someone with a creative edge who understands brands and knows all the functions within design programmes. You also might not have enough design work or the financial resources to justify hiring someone for this full-time.

Let us help you. My Office Worx offers a range of services, all of which are charged at hourly rates giving you better control over your finances and peace of mind in knowing the job is getting done right.

Logo design
Having a professional logo is key – not only is it the identity of your brand, it’s the first thing people see and immediately use to form an impression of your business.
Business cards and stationery
Make it look professional and consistent – our package includes a letterhead, business card, email signature and invoice.
Flyers and posters
Need a branded flyer or poster designed? Not only do we have the designers but also the printers for posters, flyers and various branded apparel and clothing.
Social media imagery design
If you need a professionally designed banner for your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ page, we can help make it look great!
We have a designer who creates digital illustrations for just about anything from posters to children’s story books.
Need to convey a lot of information in a fun way? Then an infographic is what you need! Be it for a presentation, report, press release or even just your website.